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Established in Lyon since 1920, Barret Leather Goods, a family business, is a must-see in the Lyon region. In the heart of Lyon, 300 m² on 3 floors, the store offers you an incomparable choice of leather goods: bags, luggage, briefcases and other leather accessories from major brands.
We also invite you to discover our store ``Les Selleries de France`` in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.


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When you buy in our store, we offer you to register your new code.

If not, you have the instructions with your warranty.
Choose 3 numbers that you can easily remember (birthday, address, etc.).

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All checked baggage for passengers travelling to or from the United States is screened by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA).
In some cases, screening personnel must open the bag as part of the screening process. If the bag is not locked, TSA personnel simply open it and check the contents. If the case is locked with a lock or padlock and TSA personnel find it necessary to open it, they may have to pop the locking device. The key slot on the TSA combination lock is therefore dedicated to the US government.



The purpose of this lock is to facilitate access to the customs authorities and thus prevent them from damaging your luggage.
To know if your luggage has a TSA lock, look at its lock: the TSA lock has a small red diamond-shaped logo
Most of the suitcases we carry are equipped with TSA locks. Straps and padlocks with a TSA mechanism may be available for cases without one, to protect them without having to blow the lock or damage them. These devices can be recognized by the logo.

Always check the bag when you pick it up in the baggage claim area. In case of damage, file a claim with the airline (which is insured against damage to passengers’ luggage) at the place of arrival, if possible before going through customs. On some airlines, you have 7 days to make your claim. Ask your airline for more information.

Then, bring your baggage to the store, we will evaluate the repair costs or we will issue a certificate of irreparability that you will send to your airline with the rest of your file (ticket, baggage tag …).

We advise you to bring your stamped and dated warranty or your receipt.

Luggage under warranty

If you notice any defect on your luggage, bring it to us with the stamped and dated warranty and we will assess whether it is a manufacturing defect and contact the supplier concerned to evaluate the situation.

Luggage not guaranteed

If the warranty on your luggage has expired, we can repair the luggage at your expense following a quotation, provided that the part to be replaced is available.

For how many years are the items sold at Barret Leather Goods guaranteed?
Our suppliers guarantee their products from 2 to 10 years, unless otherwise specified, against any material or manufacturing defect.

The IATA (International Air Transport Association) standard stipulates the following maximum dimensions for hand luggage: 56cm x 45cm x 25 cm (these dimensions include wheels, handles, side pockets, etc.). The total weight is usually between 10 and 12 kg.


Depending on the airline, in addition to the authorized baggages, each passenger may have an accessory: laptop bag, stroller, wheelchair, handbag, etc.

This standard came into force at the same time as the one concerning liquids (small bottles of 100 ml maximum, a single closed transparent plastic bag with a maximum capacity of one liter/20 cm x 20 cm maximum).

Liquids and similar products are as follows:

  • All liquid products, including water, soups, syrups
  • All creams, oils, perfumes, lotions, mascara…
  • All sprays and aerosols (deodorant, shaving foam, deodorant…)
  • All pastes (toothpaste…)
  • All gels (shower gels, hair gels…)
  • And all products of similar consistency (lip gloss, cheese, foie gras…)

All liquid products are allowed in the hold of the plane.

*Important note: depending on aircraft capacity limits or for commercial purposes, some airlines apply other restrictions on baggage size and/or weight. To avoid any problems upon departure, please refer to the specific conditions of your airline. You can easily find them on your airline ticket or on the airline’s website.


For stability and to avoid crumpling clothes, always put heavier items at the bottom of the suitcase.
Put lingerie, shoes, ties and other small items in the pockets provided.
Put the jacket in the suitcase after having buttoned it and with the sleeves folded.
Put pants and skirts on top of jackets, with the waistband facing the edge.
Fold the legs of the pants towards the inside of the suitcase. Avoid rolling the leather belts but spread them out on the sides of the suitcase.
Then fold the bottom of the jackets towards the inside of the suitcase, hang the tray and close the suitcase.


To clean hard cases: wash with soap and water using a soft brush. Caution: never use solvents.
To clean soft (fabric) cases: remove dust and wash the stained area with a sponge or soft brush soaked in soap and water and rinse thoroughly. It is advisable to dry the luggage away from any heat source.

Some brands offer luggage with a removable lining that can be machine washed! Ask us about this in our store.

The principle of free baggage allowance: your baggage carried free of charge in the hold is limited to a certain weight, according to two systems in force.

The single-piece allowance authorizes 1 to 3 pieces of luggage, depending on the class, each weighing less than 23 kg and not exceeding a total dimension of 158 cm (IATA standards). The weight allowance entitles you to an indefinite number of items, only the total load counts: from 20 to 30 kg.

Consult your airline for excess baggage rates and the transportation of special volumes (musical instruments, wheelchairs, surfboards, etc.).

Of course, strictly comply with the list of prohibited or regulated goods in the hold.


Hard or soft suitcase for a plane trip?

In terms of weight, luggage manufacturers have innovated enormously on the technological level with extremely light materials.

With the same weight, the soft suitcase can contain more with larger dimensions. However, you will find optimal protection on a rigid suitcase with extra robust materials like CURV® from Samsonite, polycarbonate or polypropylene.

On the practical side, soft suitcases offer exterior pockets, extensions, textile quality… now also available on hard luggage!

Make your choice on the look of your luggage, the famous “black suitcase” is dethroned by many collections with pop and flashy colours and that follow the latest trends … The suitcase has become a real fashion accessory for your travels! Let yourself be tempted by limited editions!

Come and discover all our models exposed on 3000 square feet… We will advise you so that your luggage accompanies you at best during your next trips.



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