Store: 10 rue grenette 69002 Lyon
Tel. +33(0)472 569 440

Launched in 1975, TUMI has established itself as the leading brand of premium business luggage and document holders. Internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading luxury luggage brands, TUMI is ideal for business globe trotters and businessmen. Its range of products has established itself as a reference brand for executives and celebrities. Tumi is a resistant, elegant and practical design.

The TUMI Difference: The quality and range of its products have made Tumi the leading international brand for business, accessories and travel. In a word: “There is no other product made like ours”. A special approach to product design from every angle and in the greatest detail. Every component is essential: from the smallest hardened steel screw to our exclusive Ballistic Nylon® FXT™ that stands up to any test.

AN EXCLUSIVE IN LYON… The BARRET team’s favorite.



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